Gonna answer a couple of questions…

Not sure about kolaches in Prague.  One of my 3rd cousins is
living there now, but we came from Moravia (in between Bohemia, where
Prague is, and Slovakia, which broke off from the rest of the country
in recent years). 

And to answer smithern, I was born in Texas and live here now, but spent my formative years in a country from which comes the naija part of my xanga name. 

Below are a few pictures from a visit to see our relatives in 1991:

There’s me on the far left and my brother is on the other side of Barbara. 

The barn next to the house my great-grandfather lived in before he
hopped a boat to Corpus Christi, Texas in 1906.  Franta/Frank
Hejtmanek was only 17 years old and never saw his family again, whereas
his daughter (my grandmother) has been able to make several trips back
there to see her cousins. 

Maypole festival in Lanzhot.  The gold thread in the dresses costs a few korunas!


8 Responses to “”

  1. okay first of all..props on the stone washed jeans. and has anyone ever told you you look like paul rudd? cause you do.

  2. First time I’ve heard that one. Didn’t recognize the name, but when I looked him up, I realized I’ve seen a few of his movies. Oh yeah, I was crazy about those jeans. Note that those are 2 different pairs–one’s black and the other’s blue!

  3. sommer took the words out of my mouth. those jeans are so rad.

  4. great pics! i spent time in prague and in bratislava..sp? now capital of slovakia. not much to see there except the family we were visiting.

  5. Ok, I get it now. Thanks for explaining…and also, I want to thank you for understanding the price we girls pay for our festival dresses. The korunas we all pay for fashion!!  

  6. aw, huey, you look exactly the same!  so cute. 🙂

  7. I LOVE that top picture — it is so you.  I remember you showing it when you shared your life story at Bread and Jam.

  8. how long did you live in Africa?  I work for and Overland Missions and have only been to the eastern and southern parts.  It does capture one’s heart.  One day I hope to make it to the west coast too.  btw, i live in florida and have NO CLUE what kolaches are.  Sad day in the village… i know! 

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