Electric bill for our unseasonably mild January: $698.87

I think we’ve got about a thousand square feet in this place. 


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  1. You’ve got to be kidding! There’s some kind of mistake.

  2. i think mine was thirty dollars.  why so high?  are you putting up a fight. that’s just krizzy!

  3. Yeah, we’re gonna call them. Highest it’s been so far was about 200 bucks.

  4. Are you in a large building? People can run their eletricity through your meter….er, uh, that is….I’ve heard that it’s possible….
    This, of course, could be the reason for the weirdo bill…unless you are one of those European-by-genetic-code-that-once-lived-in-Nigera type of guys that has a room lined with tanning beds. Eeeek.

  5. oh my gosh. please call them.

  6. No, not a large building–just the upstairs part of an old 2-story house. And no tanning beds…

  7. okay WHOA. that is ridiculous. january is never too hot OR too cold in houston…somebody needs to be bitched out. (and thanks for yur comment..all of those are 1st hand experiences and it just really can make ya jaded)

  8. I remember once in July in an old apartment we went to visit the downstairs neighbors and noticed it was cool in their apartment but their air wasn’t running, and they said they “never” run their air because it’s always cool without running it …. i.e. the building was so old our A/C was cooling their apartment just from heat rising and all … that was July 1999 or so, and our bill was $350. In today’s electric costs that might be $600.

  9. Ha!  One more reason you need to live with me when Nathan moves out this fall (or if Dan decides to move out after his Turkey trip).

  10. I didn’t realize you had a Czech connection! Wait… so your parents are Czech? Are you good friends with your third cousin in Prague? I live there now, as you know, and am always on the look-out for making new connections in random ways. : ) how could we exchange contact info? do you know romyolivia? you could email her for my address…. anyways, I am 23 and Martin is 36, since you asked. ; )

  11. yeah cmon over and live with us at indispensables place. We could be roomies:)

  12. i just saw your comment. im the one on the left 🙂

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