If a man speaks in a forest, but there is no woman around to hear him … is he still wrong?


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  1. ha! =) that made me laugh outloud!!

  2. If he farts and no one is there, does it still stink?

  3. Of course it does, Dottie! But that’s not the same at all…

  4. are you insinuating that, only in a deserted forest, can a man get a word in edgewise?

  5. i guess it depends on what he says…..haha.

  6. What made you think of that?!

  7. No that’s what guys small groups are for; to have at least some instances of being agreed with.

  8. ummmmmmmmmmm of course.

  9. Good point, jhsia. I ran across that quote in someone’s signature today and I’d never heard that before.

  10. Yes, we are always wrong.

  11. i’ve heard that before.  yes, he is still wrong.  it is not the woman’s presence that makes him wrong.  he is just always wrong.  see, ben understands…  =)

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