Held a 5-day-old girl on Monday.  Not bad. 

Hung out with my little bro and his wife for the first time in a long
time.  They’re about to be the houseparents in a boys’ home at a ranch.  If I were married, I think that kind of thing would seem pretty awesome to me. 

But right now, I feel like I’ve got stuff to do.  Not entirely
sure about that, but it seems like I need to figure out some things for
my future.  Yesterday, I also got to hang out with some old naija
friends, and they kind of refueled some of my buried passions about
travelling the world.  I’ll get to do a bit of that next month,
but honestly, I’m talking about a lot more than just a few weeks of
travel–more like a year.  Or should I switch to a job where I’d
travel a lot?  So many people say it sucks to travel very much,
but a few tell me that since I’m young, now’s the time to do
that.  A guy from work is quitting to join a company that’s
sending him abroad every week.  I always thought it would be cool
to do that for a while.  Of course, I know I’d miss the community
I’ve been enjoying more and more in the past year, but maybe I’m
supposed to tear myself away from the nest. 

A friend of mine that I’ve known since he was 5 years old just told me
he’s going to have a kid next fall.  He’s way more of a restless
wanderer than me, and that is kind of scary because I’m afraid he’ll
not want to marry the girl because of that (he’s uncertain about it right now), and I would hate for his
kid to miss out on him.  We used to call him “bush boy” because of
his African language skills, and everyone has always expected him to
travel the world for years and years, and I believe that’s on his
mind–what he thinks he’d be giving up to settle down and stick around
for this baby.  I wouldn’t take off if I had a kid (hence the
whole you’d-better-do-it-sooner-than-later bit).  Anyway, I do
have hope for this guy.  Anything can happen between now and this

Woke up at 4:30, and I haven’t been able to go back to sleep.  This occurred to me while driving through Texas:

I wanna sing like no one’s listening, but I often forget the words…I
wanna dance like no one’s watching, but I can’t remember the moves…

Often seems to be very true for me (not being figurative, actually). 

The sun’s coming up.  Guess I can go bike riding around Montrose
for a while.  My legs have been driving me crazy because the
tendon along my knee has kept me from running much since the


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  1. wow traveling huh? yeah ppl tell me all the time that now is the time. study abroad, travel as much as possible, etc. its hard to tear ourselves away from the nest though. thats one of the biggest challenges and obstacles that keeps me from just doin it. (plus bein a girl makes travelling alone a bit more of a challenge and danger) but i think u should do it. it will shape u in unchangable and intense and valuable ways. u dont want any regrets 🙂

  2. The ranch looks cool.  And I know what you mean about the whole better-travel-while-you’re-young vs established community struggle.

  3. Go Stephen Huey, while you’re still young!

  4. yep..i say do it while you can. better to get it out of your system now then have to go through a midlife crisis later. ha. but seriously…enjoy the freedom you have at this moment in your life and take advantage of it.

  5. Can’t remember the moves? Make up new ones…

  6. and I can never remember the words… when in doubt…sing “watermelon”

  7. Don’t you just love waking up early and just having extra time in your day…doing that alot lately.

  8. “Dream whatever dreams you have that is not for yourself.” ~ it helped me a lot.

  9. Definitely travel while you are young and not “tied down”.  This is our time to experience those things that are much more difficult with a family in tow.  Someone once told me that everything you do before you’re thirty is just experience.  I have to remind myself of that sometimes. 

  10. it’s funny that you say all this considering you, you know, used to live in africa.go travel the world and i’ll try not to be jealous. (i’m waiting until school is out of the way.)

  11. oooh take care of that knee… have you gone to the doctor?
    travelling IS good… we’ll be praying with you as you pray about it…

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