Coyotes spotted in the woods at Memorial Park!


This may be old news to some, but yesterday I was riding my bike
through the muddy trails along the bayou at Memorial Park, and this
other guy with a dog told me that a pack of coyotes approached them
recently.  I didn’t know there were coyotes running around in the
middle of Houston!  I mean, this is inside the loop.  I want to see some.  Maybe I can give one a pat on the back.  Just a love pat.  This guy discusses the problem, and The Daily Texan reports
that authorities will being culling the bolder animals (some are
frolicking through River Oaks).  I always loved those movies where
the boy befriends a wolf or whatever, so maybe I can save some by
taking them home.  Think my landlord would be able to tell the
difference?  I can’t remember if he’d charge us a pet

In other news, I saw Memoirs of a Geisha.  All you need to know is that Ziyi Zhang and Michelle Yeoh
are in it.  And no complaints–I could’ve chosen other photos to
link to.  And no, it’s not a martial arts movie, but the film is
beautiful.  It’s Michelle’s big step away from the kung fu movies
that made her famous in America.  The younger Ziyi went to the
Beijing Dance Academy and was in other movies before dabbling with her
kung fu ballet in Crouching Tiger, so her dances in this one have allowed for a return to her expertise.  And no, Elizabeth, I’m not quite what you’d call obsessed


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  1. i beg to differ my friend.

  2. That’s not all I need to know!  But it looks pretty visually stunning, won a Golden Globe for best original score, and a couple friends have liked it, so I may end up seeing it.
    As for the park, wasn’t it freakin wet yesterday?  I didn’t get your message until 11PM, but it looks like you found the trails, muddy as they might have been.

  3. i read the book ~ i guess you liked the movie. want to see it!

  4. Yeah, the trails were pretty muddy. I almost wrecked 3 times (one of them on a cliff edge, and another because of a dog that cut me off). Fortunately they had some hoses to wash all the mud off my bike! Kind of scared me away from a couple of trails that my friend (Orin) tackled again with glee. I need to buy a helmet.

  5. Memoirs is another movie on my must see list. πŸ™‚

  6. Anonymous Says:

    those pictures remind me of “kie-yote” hunting as a kid on my family’s ranch. coyotes would kill the cows and snakes would kill the chickens, so we would shoot both. as for memoirs, i’ll see it eventually. i’ve read the book, like, five times and i’m kinda scared about seeing the movie. my imagination tends to be a better “movie” than the actual movie is, so it’s got a lot to live up to.

  7. It’s another matter altogether when you start seeing coyotes at Starbucks.

  8. you’re right! wow, I’m so impressed, you remembered cok! Thanks for your comment, it was encouraging. I hope you hae a great day!

  9. are you online right at this very moment?????

  10. We used to have coyotes in our neighborhood.  You could here them howling at night.   This is suburban Texas.I saw the movie too.  It was so well done. 

  11. I like to have a coyote pet too.

  12. helmets are good…
    I liked the movie too, VERY beautiful cinematography.  Worth it just to watch the beauty…. the story was so trimmed down, though, I could feel it in parts as the movie played!!!  I need to read the book.

  13. no problem.  we’ll just have to do it another time. πŸ˜‰

  14. haha, yes im alright. well…at least…im me. haha, but yeah it was a hilarious joke that i went to that speed dating thing. it was really fun though (but only b/c i didnt take it seriously in any way).

  15. thank you so much for your prayer. It meant a lot. I think it went well! PTL!

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