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Houston Marathon 2006

It was quite painful later on, but I made it to the end.  On
Sunday, 2 Brits
and I joined over 17,000 other people in getting up early to run in the
marathon and half marathon.  Things
got off to a great start, but shortly after, our only experienced
comrade had to stop for a bit to check on his knee, so Robert and I
kept on without him.  I guess I pushed too hard, because we were
making a great 4:10 pace after being slowed down by the crowds in the
first 4 miles, but by Memorial Park, Robert was flying on without me,
and I
cramping and stretching and walking and jogging in an endless
cycle.  Every step was painful, but I did finally limp into
downtown and finish the full 26.2 miles!  As of Thursday morning,
my legs were officially no longer
sore.  Oh, and the really amazing bit is that Jo ran on and
finished the marathon with an injury, but you’ll have to get the full
story from him. 

I have to mention that it was fun to unexpectedly see tons of people I
knew on the sidelines.  For a while, the half marathon runners
were merged with us, and I said hi to a girl I knew who was running
alongside me, and then I saw her cheering on the sidelines on
University Blvd, so she must have rushed home as soon as her run was
over!  Thanks to all of you who cheered for me and gave me
bananas–you know who you are. 

The Houston Marathon website
has a pretty cool feature.  There’s a link on the main page that
lets you enter someone’s name and watch video of them crossing the
finish line!  That’s where you can also find the link to look up
pictures of people you know. 

And I just HAVE to mention that a 31-year-old mother in the Houston
Vineyard ran the whole thing in less than 3 hours and placed 15th out
of all the women! 

Jo, Robert and I before dawn:

Robert and I after we lost Jo:

All done with Kathryn, who was visiting from San Francisco to run her 2nd marathon:

Lots to talk about that night, and enjoying getting to sit down: