I have a post to make, but that’ll wait a day or two or three. 
Until then, don’t risk having an affair if there’s an African grey
parrot in the house:


We used to have one (my little bro built our aviary and caught some
doves to put in it as well), but it must not have lived with humans
from an early age, because it never learned to talk. 


13 Responses to “”

  1. yes you did see us! how’d ya do???  i was so stinking jealous. i’ll get back to it this year so i can run again in 07.

  2. Hey Stephen, notice what kind of occupation that guy who got cheated on had?

  3. baha … i have stories about african greys! so funny … they’re extremely intelligent, but they can be so irritating … how’ve ya been?

  4. ahhhh!!! that was funny with a touch of sadness…. great story.  We had a little parakeet and taught it, “pretty birdy”, 1/2 of the Marine corp song and all of the beeper sounds, alarm clock and phone ring….hahaha!!  We gave it to an ex-boyfriend’s mother.

  5. haha, no not engaged at all. eunice is right. my friend kevin sheehan and i have an ongoing joke that we were engaged and that it was called off. lame to others funny to us 🙂

  6. Bad….

  7. seriously – how cool was he?!

  8. What a story! Guess it’s true that our sins will find us out! Thanks for a bit of humor (well, kind of!)

  9. haha, so how did that houston marathon go? bet u placed 1st place 🙂 hows it goin

  10. I would love to have coffee with you too as long as Lauren comes too!! I love Onion Creek. I don’t talk much…I’m workin’ on it though, I live “inside.” God is working on that a lot lately so maybe sometime this year I’ll get down there and we’ll chat over coffee. Thanks for the comment. Hope you are doing well.

  11. That Chick-fi-la stuff was amazing. Fun to see Chip on there.

  12. hm…i cant tell if u mean it or not if u think its cool that i’ve never been kissed…never can tell with those “…” thingies. haha.

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