Can you guess who these people are?  I post this picture at risk of personal injury to myself. 

How about this guy?  The room was pitch black when I took it. 

Last night someone told
me about people camping out for the grand opening at the new
Chick-fil-a on the 59 feeder near Kirby, so I stopped by to check it
out on the
way home.  Apparently, the first hundred people in line when the
store opened this morning would receive 52 free combos. 

There was a DJ, people were tossing some footballs around, and a few folks were playing poker.

They were handing out free nuggets and ice cream to everyone in line.

Wish I could’ve stayed, but I need to get my beauty sleep.  Crazy
thing is, I went to see some people, but I also saw 3 other guys there
that I knew, and it’s not like I live in a small town or anything like


10 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    dude! i totally did that a year ago! but my cousin worked there so i got a bunch of free stuff anyway. seriously, what’s better than free chick-fil-a?

  2. Who cares about the people — that’s my FRANCIS at the bottom of the first picture!! (well of course I care lots about the people in that picture, but how often is your laptop made famous???)

  3. I know all those people! Do I win something?

  4. I miss Chik Fil A. They don’t have it up here in Chi-town. The closest I would have to go is Wisconsin.

  5. Oh, and whoever is in the second picture looks like they are watching the fourth season of ’24’, so it has to be somebody awesome because it’s a great show! 🙂

  6. And now I can’t wait for season 5 premiere on Jan.

  7. Ashley’s foot is clean. And it kind of feels like it is giving me the finger…

  8. picture posts are always so much fun … but there are none of you in there – transgression #1!!

  9. yeah, haha, most people dont know im half asian at first glance…or second or third or tenth. haha, but i am. what did u think i was out of curiousity?
    also, when i saw that pic of the room that was supposed to be completely dark, i was really surprised! totally thought it was completely lit room. nice camera u got there.
    also, did u figure i was asian b/c of pics of my mom? or eunice?

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