Great news:  went to court for my August crossing-the-highway-on-the-emergency-road violation in Sealy, Texas this morning and the nice Czech woman gave me an extension so I can still take defensive driving!  Gotta get that done ASAP…

Someone introduced me to this website where you can put in your name and it’ll come up with a slogan for you.  Try it out and share yours with us in the comments section.  Here’s mine:

Top Breeders Recommend Stephen.


38 Responses to “”

  1. stephen huey no way … how’ve you been? where are you, and what are you doing, sirssss?

  2. well, i cheated a little, looking for a good one….”it’s all D’Lynn, all the time”

  3. haha…thanks for the comment. i think they were talking about christmas ornaments, but i didn’t look to see what exactly was going on. i just heard it πŸ™‚

  4. Top Breeder? Sounds like my grandfather or something πŸ™‚

  5. PS – my slogan is: “Do The Megan”

  6. <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=16>
    <TD class=cutout align=middle bgColor=#ffffff>

    To Our Members, We’re the Fourth Emergency Ashley.   huh???

  7. If Only Everything in Life was as Reliable as an Elizabeth .

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Silly Rabbit, Kris is for Kids —- I love it!!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    ps. I was hoping someone would click on the links πŸ™‚

  10. There aint no party like a Chip party!

  11. Just What The Renata Ordered.

  12. Who hasn’t been around…me or you? Haven’t been around where? And actually it’s longer. I have it pulled up in that picture, but you can’t tell because it’s blurry. Hmmmm….

  13. Never mind, I get it. I have all kinds of lists and things filling up my latest posts, so they’re not public…and I forget that my last public entry is a little old. Ha! I should change that, but I hate to post when I’m this tired–I’m afraid of what I’ll say, I guess–and I’ve been tired for about a week.Oh, I have a protected post up with a picture of my baby sister…I’ll go try to add you to the list so you can see.

  14. hey stephen huey……….its linda darjean (well linda asake as you probably remember). just saying hi!!!! i dont have a xanga that i keep up with,but if you go to my sorry so called xanga, there is a link on there to my blog!!! and don’t you dare read without commenting!!! i hope you are well and staying out of trouble.

  15. This was getting a little embarassing until I went back and read your post more carefully. I mean you call yourself naijatexanSTUD and then the headlines say top breeders pick Stephen and then these girls are saying things like “Do The Megan” and “Just What The Renata Ordered” and “it’s all D’Lynn, all the time”. Then I find out that this is the Stephen I know and I think “No way! Stephen is not that kind of guy!” And these women are not that kind either. Glad I got that cleared up for myself. Anyway mine read “Put A Jim In Your Tank” which is kind of embarassing too but there it is.

  16. “My Goodness, My Julz!” and my favorite: “Little. Yellow. Different. Julz.” yeah, Jimson, a few with my name were a tad embarassing too, so I kept sloganizing until it came up with one I liked! Heh heh..

  17. LOL…I just put in my Hubby’s name! “Built Rafy Tough.” AHHHH!!!!I LOVE IT!

  18. “The Matt For All Ages.”
    (That was the second try, I didn’t like the first one: “Big Chocolate Matt.”  ?!?)

  19. “Moving at the Speed of Tom.” I’m not sure what it means but it stirs something in me.

  20. “it’s a CASEY adventure”… which happens to be myspace name.  my friend showed me that about a month ago and i’m not kidding, it has served as hours of entertainment!  yeah, you don’t know who i am… found your site through some people in alabama.  you make me laugh… so here i am!

  21. Today I got:
    I bet he drinks Olivia.
    I think it’s some kind of sick reference to my night last night, making fun of my hangover or something.

  22. “For a hard-earned thirst, Tapley.”

  23. by the way, i think rice’s admissions catalog just overrepresented minority presence at rice, more than misrepresenting the male-female ratio.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Comment Number 25!!!  Time for a mambo.  My favorite: “The Best Dottie A Man Can Get.”  But I also like “Gotta Lotta Dot.”

  25. ROFL!!!!! Washing Machines Live Longer With Julie!!!! HOW did they KNOWWW????? LOLOL

  26. I had way to much fun with this…and now I have more slogans than you can shake a stick at.The first one was “Only Sara has the answer.” Unfortunate, because I often act like I think this is true.My favorite was “It takes a tough man to make a tender Sara.” Not exactly true–babies and kittens work, too–but it sounded kind of sweet.

  27. “strong and beautiful, just like Heath”
    awwwwww yeah….

  28. the trick to dieds is always being well-equipped by stashing a blanket or extra jacket in your car just for that occasion. plus, bundling up when it’s cold outside is the best! glad you gave it a try though. better luck next time.

  29. How Many Licks Does it Take to Get to the Center of a Jill?

  30. “Go On, Get Your Ginger Out.”

  31. “Crunch all you want – we’ll make Rebekah.”

  32. “You Press the Sam, We Do the Rest.” Ha Ha, please don’t press me.

  33. is there a way to actually talk to you without having to post on this thing…like do you have an email address?

  34. Mine was “We don’t make Robyn. We make Robyn better.”

  35. Weeeelllll, it was comment 25 when I put it in…

  36. Stephany: The Other White Meat
    i’m gonna use this on my next hottie!!!

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