I’ve been tagged to share 5 random habits, but I’m not a creature of habit.  I mean, I enjoy repeating things that I like, but lately (for many months, or maybe years?) every day is completely different.  It’s hard for me to point at a day in one week and then find a day in another week that looks like it (except for a couple of regularly scheduled things–but I never know what time I’ll get up or when I’ll eat). 

Like this morning, when I had cereal in the pantry, and eggs in the fridge, but I ate neither of them.  Instead, I had leftover Starbucks pastries that I found in my fridge.  I can’t even remember the last time I’ve had eggs, and while I’ve probably had cereal a couple times in recent days, I think I went weeks without eating any before that.  I often eat other things, but it’s not likely to be the same from one day to the next.  I’m unpredictable, even to myself.  No habits here, quod erat demonstrandum. 

Ok, now that I’ve dealt with that, I can finally get around to what I was going to post to begin with.  I’ve got a friend many of you know who can accept that Jesus is a form of God, but to say Jesus is God is completely different to him, and he can’t accept that.  I told him that God says if you seek him, you’ll find him, so please ask that he’ll be filled with the desire to do that. 

If you *think* you know of any random habits of mine, feel free to share (and no, blinking doesn’t count). 



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  1. You have eggs in your fridge but can’t remember when the last time you ate eggs was?  Rut roh.  Don’t let Marvin Zindler into your house.
    I got a random “habit” of yours: Making semi-scandalous statements to illicit some type of reaction from people, just to see how they will handle it.  I rather enjoy the reactions you get, especially from Jamie and Oatwoman.

  2. not my favorite huey characteristic i must admit, but very true matt.  if chips show was just tonight, i might very well sell my ticket, but seeing as how it is one of my favorite musicals and i have two free ticks and this is the only chance-i have to go. i feel distraught about this decision though. does that make me abad person? i cant tell.

  3. You have a habit of smiling this sly smile that looks like you have a secret…

  4. goodbye and no worries rejoicin’ is what i like to do, thanks for the message! have a great week.

  5. This is an eye thing (but it’s not blinking, winking or raising the eyebrows).  You tend to squint your eyes and appear to be thinking about something really deep and profound.

  6. If something is random, can it be a habit?

  7. How ’bout this thing where suddenly you use wierd Latin terms?!?!  LOLOL

  8. That one night you were drunk you told me you make a little pee in your pants when you laugh hard

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