I’m excited!  About many things, but the most recent is that a guy from the Rockets is going to send me the tape!!!


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  1. Great. And then you can show us the night you went bananas.
    So, how’d you go about finding and getting this tape?

  2. Last week I sent this email to Rockets Fan Mail:
    “I was at the Orlando Magic game on Tuesday night, and during the 2nd half of the game the camera put me up on the big screen, so I started doing some funky stuff with my body and arms (I was wearing a blue shirt and sitting up in the back of section 125 or 126). Is there any chance I can get a tape of that?” A guy called me today saying he has a tape of me “doing some funky stuff,” and said he’ll mail it to me.  Joy oh joy! 

  3. so just let us know when movie night is. i’ll bring the popcorn.

  4. I’m gonna talk to Michael and see if he can incorporate it into the sermon somehow for Sunday. You know how he likes to play the videos.

  5. You’ll be a star in your own mind.

  6. Dude, that guy who called you was NOT with the Rockets. Be very afraid.

  7. Heehee….I think Matt is right.

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