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I’d thought of posting something today, but honestly, nothing I feel like writing about at the moment comes close to being as entertaining as a friend named reubs.  I suggest you browse through many of his past entries in your spare time–they’re well worth it.  He has to have the funniest posts on xanga.  Living in Asia does give him a decided advantage, of course.  If I had to pick just a few to point you to, these might be it:

November 13, October 31, October 17, September 30, May 29, March 26, October 19 (2004)


11 Responses to “”

  1. Yeah, they’re these big crayons that kids can draw on the bath tub and tiles with. (Found at your local Walmart for the bargain price of $2.88.) The girl’s bathroom is covered in stick figures drawn by my 4 year old. Kind of creepy.

  2. you don’t have to write entries on the basis of whether others will read them or not.. don’t please the audience.. just write for yourself.

  3. When I have little to say, I post a riddle. It makes me look smart. HAHA just kidding.
    Anyway, I checked out your friend Reub’s site. Now that’s comedy!!

  4. Thank you for sharing that link to your friend’s site. That was a good laugh.

  5. Enjoyed the asian dude’s rants.Happy days.

  6. thanks for the endorsement. your check is in the mail.love,asian dude

  7. People who say that “they don’t have anything to say” always end of saying something and always get a lot of comments.  So far, my theory has been proven correct.

  8. I didn’t say I didn’t have anything to say…it’s just that I was more interested in telling people to check out reubs because he’s so awesome! 

  9. Pictures of Singapore!

  10. thank you for your encouragement, it means a lot.

  11. Yes, a barrel of monkeys is what I have! 

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