Rockin’ at the Rockets

So tonight at the Rockets game, I was sitting there with all these guys
from work around me and a cameraman zeroed in on me.  I saw this
blue shirt up on the big screen, so I raised my arms in the air and
shook ’em a little, but then I thought, this is stupid because it’s what everybody does
So I went buck wild.  And usually they were flitting from person
to person, but they kept on filming me so I knew I just had to keep on
going!  These guys from work still haven’t gotten to be around me
that much, so hard as it may be to believe, they had no idea such a
spectacle was possible.  I can’t really put it to words…it was
like an octopus on speed jammin’ to Scatman’s World.  The Rockets
lost, but I won.  I need to get that tape. 

And then I still managed to catch the tail end of the celebratin’ for Neva’s birthday!


18 Responses to “”

  1. frightening and funny… all at the same time…

  2. not surprising, but yeah, frightening. 

  3. wow.. way to work it Stephen. I’m priveleged to know a famous person now.

  4. See, this is what I’m talking about!
    Behavior like this is really what brings people together.

  5. Spare me from such experience.

  6. nice. you know you gotta go all out or else you’ll regret it later and say to yourself, “now why didn’t i shake my butt a little more?? i’m really sad i didn’t.”

  7. i would go for absolutely fabulous over frightening any day!!  two enthusiastic eprops from me.  but i have to say it once again. . .and you think you are an introvert???

  8. Now I would’ve paid to have seen that!

  9. can’t quite picture that…

  10. i would have done the same thing

  11. I am so proud to know you, I could bust my chaps.  You rock.

  12. The music on my site is some good ole Jason Upton worship. (from the “Faith” album specifically.)

  13. about the e/i question, I’m not saying this applies to Stephen or anything, but I think sometimes invtroverts can have extrovert moments or times when their inner passions that are usually reserved for a select few can come bubbling to the surface in front of many.

  14. You went to a rockets game and didn’t invite me???  I hope that gets replaid in heavan when you have to give an account for your sins.

  15. The live re-enactment is almost as good… šŸ™‚  Thanks for celebrating, Stephen!

  16. wait… there’s a live re-enactment? might have to see that someday šŸ™‚

  17. Can’t wait to see it … you’ve gotta post it here now … let me know if you need some posting space for it!

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