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Not gonna talk about how my Thanksgiving was (made some good memories), and I’m even going to resist lamenting about that poor girl who died from kissing her boyfriend a few hours after he ate a peanut butter sandwich (yet one more thing you have to ask someone before you get involved). 

I spent the whole day at jury duty yesterday.  The charge was sexual assault against a child (aged 14 to 17), and the prosecutor and the defense spent about 3 hours asking the 60 of us questions as a group (not individually like I expected).  They threw out tons of scenarios (e.g. what if it was consensual and the girl was 17 and the guy was 21–would you be able to consider only giving probation with no prison time?), but neither I nor the people on either side of me said anything, and we were Jurors 4, 5 and 6, so we expected to get picked.  The judge struck some people off the roster because they’d object by saying they had to work to get paid, or because they would say they couldn’t be impartial because a friend had experienced something like this, or just that they couldn’t consider the full range of punishment (e.g. they couldn’t consider putting someone behind bars for 20 years in even the most extreme circumstances, or the opposite extreme would be that they would most definitely send someone to prison with no chance of probation no matter what).  I believe several of them were telling the truth, but it was pretty obvious that some were lying in an effort to get out of it.  Then the DA’s assistant and the defense were allowed to knock off an additional 10 people each (the defendant was there, and he was helping his lawyer choose).  I figured he’d want me for sympathy or something since I was the youngest male in the room, but I’m guessing they’re the ones who thought I was risky.  Bottom line is, someone didn’t like me, and I’m really curious to know who it was. 

A teenaged boy and a girl about 10 years old were in the courtroom with us because their mom homeschools them.  You don’t get field trips quite like that in public school, y’know.  We weren’t told the actual facts of the case, but my neighbors agreed that the details given for the hypothetical scenarios were a bit graphic considering that girl was there.  However, she was buried in a book most of the time. 

Anyway, I spent a lot of the time just searching myself, wondering what my true reaction was.  A dozen years ago, I probably would’ve gotten pretty riled up since I’d read this or that on how sex offenders get off with so little time.  But I didn’t find anything quite like that inside, and found myself instead wondering if I were there to try to give the guy more grace.  I didn’t hit upon any particularly profound thing, but recently I was having trouble remembering my sinfulness, so it was good for me to sit in that room and consider how that guy–if guilty–isn’t actually more sinful than me.  I’m really thankful for grace and mercy.

I wanted to get picked, but I guess one day off work is better than none! 

(For those 1 or 2 of you who might be wondering who I met at jury duty that I had a connection with, the juror next to me attended high school in Bay City just like my parents, and she was an old friend of my aunt since they were in the same class. I also talked for a long time with a cool guy who went to Jakarta International School, and it seems like I’ve met other people who went there.) 


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Saturday Night

Over 7 years in Houston, and I’ve never heard of the annual Art Crawl before.  I had imagined driving myself from some remote warehouse with a few pieces of art to some other random, hard-to-find gallery in another part of the city, and that didn’t sound entertaining at all.  If I’d known that it would actually be fun, I would’ve tried to get a bunch of folks to go.  It didn’t quite feel like I was in Houston.  It’s true that the warehouses north of downtown looked familiar, but all the people walking the streets from gallery to gallery dressed in everything from sweatshirts to sportcoats made it feel like a real event unlike anything I’ve encountered in this city.  We went really late, so we didn’t have time to see much before things settled down around 9, but we did ride the free trolleys and buses that were taking people from the Dakota Lofts area to the various other clumps of galleries and studios that welcomed the visitors crowding through their doors with wine and cheese and crackers and cookies.  The little glossy maps they had printed out also added to the “real event” feeling because they were like something you’d get in an amusement park or some other city that has genuine touristy things worth printing out a map for! 

I ended at the studio of Francis Jacquinet from the Vineyard, and I bumped into Reg while there.  Francis is a good painter and sculptor, but he teaches culinary arts, and some of his students had made some pretty exquisite chocolate confections that resembled the wares of a Godiva shop.  It was fun talking to 3 of the other teachers from the Art Institute that were hanging out on his patio–I felt like they were straight out of a movie.  For a couple of them, I think I would’ve guessed they were some big middle-aged programmers instead of having anything to do with the art world. 

A Bosnian guy from work was having a party at his 4-story Midtown condo that surprisingly turned out to be only 3 blocks from where I live.  Apparently, he had finally got in some table that completed the furniture throughout the house, so he was ready for a housewarming party.  It felt like a scene out of the 21st century version of The Great Gatsby.  I don’t like that book, so I’m not sure that’s what I mean.  But this place looked like something out of a magazine, and despite being so amazing, I felt like there was so much emptiness, both with the place and in the people.  It was definitely a cultural experience for me, not at all because some of the girls were Rumanian and Bulgarian, but rather because of the way all these people around the age of 30 acted, how much of an image everyone was working on portraying. 

I was talking to some guys for a while, and they laughed at me in disbelief when I told them that I’d gotten all my furniture for free from friends and family.  They knew I worked with the host, so I couldn’t do anything to convince them I was serious.  I had my suspicions about these guys, and eventually I went back to get another drink and this Mexican girl who had been avoiding talking to me finally spoke to me back there.  One of the guys I’d been talking to was her brother, and I’d thought she was avoiding me since her fiancee was there, but the first thing she asked me was, “So, are you straight, or what?”  She was surprised to find out I was, so we had a good discussion about that.  I mentioned it to another guy from work, and he was like, “Yeah, because you were talking to a bunch of gay guys.”  I was pretty conscious about the way I was carrying myself and responding, etc, especially when I had started wondering and one guy was giving me some eery looks, so it’s kind of interesting how people would still assume I was.  Maybe they get so freaked out themselves of being thought gay when they’re not that they’d hardly bother to pay attention. 

While there, I was talking to a couple of guys from Florida who were friends with a guy from work, and one of them started saying, “You look really familiar….Hey, were you at that Rockets-Magic game?  You were the guy up on the Jumbotron!”  He turned to his friend and explained that I was the guy they saw doing some crazy stuff up on the big screen.  That recognition alone was worth going to the party to hear. 

A bunch of people hit the clubs later and were supposedly coming back, and apparently some special girls would be arriving later, but I bailed out of there by 2:30 and made the long, 40-second drive back to my house. 


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I now have the tape. 

Shorter than I remember, but it gets the point across.  Alex laughed a lot when he saw it. 


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I’m excited!  About many things, but the most recent is that a guy from the Rockets is going to send me the tape!!!

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Worth Reading

I’d thought of posting something today, but honestly, nothing I feel like writing about at the moment comes close to being as entertaining as a friend named reubs.  I suggest you browse through many of his past entries in your spare time–they’re well worth it.  He has to have the funniest posts on xanga.  Living in Asia does give him a decided advantage, of course.  If I had to pick just a few to point you to, these might be it:

November 13, October 31, October 17, September 30, May 29, March 26, October 19 (2004)

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Rockin’ at the Rockets

So tonight at the Rockets game, I was sitting there with all these guys
from work around me and a cameraman zeroed in on me.  I saw this
blue shirt up on the big screen, so I raised my arms in the air and
shook ’em a little, but then I thought, this is stupid because it’s what everybody does
So I went buck wild.  And usually they were flitting from person
to person, but they kept on filming me so I knew I just had to keep on
going!  These guys from work still haven’t gotten to be around me
that much, so hard as it may be to believe, they had no idea such a
spectacle was possible.  I can’t really put it to words…it was
like an octopus on speed jammin’ to Scatman’s World.  The Rockets
lost, but I won.  I need to get that tape. 

And then I still managed to catch the tail end of the celebratin’ for Neva’s birthday!