Rosa Parks

My company lets me volunteer with Junior Achievement, so this afternoon I had a break from programming and taught my first of eight classes on The International Marketplace to freshmen at a local high school near UH.   They’re fresh out of middle school, so they were some really cute and talkative kids.  Except for one Asian guy, all of them were African American, and there were a lot more girls than guys. 

I decided to visit on Wednesday just to get the lay of the land, and it was perfect timing since Rosa Parks had just passed away and the teacher (who is white) asked them all to write down who she was and why she was important.  When one particularly feisty girl volunteered to share, she got up and pranced around smacking the chalkboard with the ruler as she preached on the Significance of Rosa Parks…  “She was riding the bus home from school when a white man…” (Shouts of “No, she was 42!”)  We must have had a 5-minute sermon out of this girl!  Anyway, it was pretty fun. 

Later, one girl talked about how she had used to hate white people, and then attacked those who attack her by saying she acts white.  “No, that’s not it.  I just want to grow and develop.” 

That feisty girl never stayed quiet for long, and eventually the conversation got around to Katrina.  “The news shows all those black people thanking everyone for help, but did you ever see any white people on the news thanking people for help?……..They talked about black people looting in New Orleans, and they think we don’t know what that means, but we looked up ‘looting’ in the dictionary, and we don’t like them saying that!” 


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Looked up Looting…. LOL…. That’s amazing and awesome, Stephen…

  2. That’s great that you’re doing Junior Achievement. I really enjoyed doing that while I was at my consulting job. In fact, it was one of the things that helped me make my decision to quit and become a teacher! Anyway, it’s always good to get a chance to be with kids, especially those of a different culture or socioeconomic status than yourself. It’s a good reminder about a lot of important things that sitting in an office can otherwise make us forget.

  3. People can go far on lots of ATTITUDE…

  4. Hopefully one day, we’ll be surrounded by a generation that will have no idea what racism is. We’re such a melting pot.  There are so many “mixed” couples at my church it’s amazing.  I’m mixed, Native American, Puerto Rican, Mexican and a hint of German. Ha! Ha!

  5. This fiesty girl… remember her name? I enjoyed this post – please keep updating on the joy of JYHS. I’ve walked those halls and as I read your story, I could picture it all happening. Fun, very fun 🙂

  6. hey…i have been enjoying houston…i’ve been learning much about much.

  7. i like feisty kids! and just the word feisty. so great. hope you are well. i miss y’all bread and jammers. 

  8. Anonymous Says:

    thanks for the comment! xx

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