Here’s the complete photo that my profile picture comes from.  It’s me and my bro in Chicago O’Hare back in December 2001, and it’s one of my faves ever…




11 Responses to “”

  1. amazing pic!! you guys have the exact same smile. it’s great. wish i had a bro sometimes.

  2. you’re right liz! no denying they are brothers.

  3. missed you at the WAH meeting! cool pic of you guys…

  4. I am sick and not at life group tonight 😦  wah!
    awesome picture. 

  5. awww…Weird…he looks kind of familiar. Maybe he just has one of those faces. Or maybe he looks like someone in a movie.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, yeah. I thought he looked familiar, and when I read what PennyDaisy said I realized he looks like the guy from Dead Poet’s Society

  7. Anonymous Says:

    drat — I cut and pasted two pictures that totally validated what I just said, but they didn’t show up. Try this or this

  8. yes, but also looks like stiffler from american pie.  ha!

  9. Thaaaaaat’s it, lizzzzbet! I was looking at it thinking, Hey, I know that guy from somewhere. It’s the smile…just like Stiffler’s. Not that I’ve ever sunk so low as to see that movie….

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