Blinking Bothering You?

Ok, I’ve got a serious question for ya.  Jamie took a cheap shot at my blinking in a comment she made on my armadillo post, so I have decided to get this out in the open.  Some people think I blink a lot and others don’t notice at all (guess it depends on the day), and I’ve had both girls and guys ask me if I were winking at them (I might be a blinker, but I’m NOT a bad winker).  Funny how people have no qualms about attacking blinkers but are sensitive with stutterers, etc.  Maybe the big guy gave it to me to keep me from using the Mohicans stare on girls too much.  So anyway, have you noticed me blinking a lot, and if so, did you find it odd?




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  1. Yes, I’ve noticed you blink more than the average person, but not to the extent to where it’s odd. And I want to see the uncropped version of your profile pic… I’m imagining you puckering up to a metal flagpole in -20C temps.

  2. Yeah, I’ve noticed, but it’s just something that makes you you… you wouldn’t be Stephen without the blink.

  3. woa. you are a blinker? crazy man. crazy.
    i start to blink a lot if i think about it too much.
    come to think of it, why was i thinking of blinking in the first place?

  4. Yep, you blink a bit…but I heard Anthony Hopkins( he doesn’t blink, he stares) say on Opra that blinking makes a person seem more vunerable. So that’s kinda cool. 😉

  5. haven’t noticed the blinking too much, but the stinkin’ needs to be addressed

  6. Wait a second… it was not my intention for that to be a “cheap shot”… not at all! Blinking isn’t a bad thing – it’s just a part of what makes you Stephen – something a little unique. You’d be just like everyone else without it, right?For the record, you did bug me all week to comment on your armadillo post to help you get 25 comments… so you kind of asked for it . (What else was there left to say about armadillos???)

  7. i happen to think its totally cute 😉

  8. “cute” not dangerous

  9. you ate a termite…dang.

  10. I have a friend who is a blinker.  It’s obvious, but very cute!  He was in Africa when he offered his really cool sunglasses cleaner wipe thingy (you know what i’m talking about… they are super soft and usually come with expensive glasses) to his African translator…  instead of cleaning his glasses with it, he wiped the goop from his eyes and then handed it back to my friend.  Ever since my friend has been a “blinker”.  But i’im guessing you don’t have some funky african eye goop disease or anything… 

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Blinking, yes… but unlike stuttering it doesn’t seem to impede your conversations… in fact, I’d say like everyone else has that it’s just part of what makes you, you.  And you’re a friendly guy!  No prob, bob!

  12. Hey buddy…I think you’re a fine young feller.

  13. awww blinkers of the world unite! i am off and on with it…sometimes i blink like crazy and sometimes not. i wonder what thats all about??

  14. So you’re a blinker! Your precious eyes just need more refreshing than other people’s eyes. Your eyes must be pretty special! : – )

  15. You know it was one of  the most apparent physical things i first noticed so i guess yes it is obvious. But i cant say that it is a big deal to me either way. It is part of who you are though and is  no bigger deal than the fact that you have dark hair.
    Some of the kids that I have see have wild ticks that make them look like chickens etc and it embaresses them very badly.
    I guess the question I have is does it bother you to blink, does it bother you that others notice?

  16. If you didnt see it I have posted comment 25 on the armadillo post.

  17. What a pal–I owe you one for that 25th comment.  Nah, the blinking doesn’t bother me, because it hasn’t seemed to slow me down yet.  And I never experience any of those crazy things that other people do, like when they tell you bees flew straight into their eye or something like that.  Plus, it makes a great pickup line, because when a girl I’m interested in asks me about it, I usually tell her something along the lines of, “It’s just too hard for me to look at you, baby!” 

  18. haha… you are totally a blinker! i noticed one of the first times i met you. i don’t usually comment on it, sometimes i just blink a lot when talking to you, which i guess is a non-verbal “cheap shot”. the blinking is endearing, though, and i’m sure everyone would stop making jokes about the blinking if you were really sensitive about it. but given your personality, i think no one minds commenting on it…ps i moved to xanga for my blog instead of my weird other one

  19. But…but…there’s no BLOOD in baseball!!! I have to admit that double play at the end last night was really sweet. But I just don’t care enough to call myself a true fan. The only reason I know anything about it is because some really kind guys from the “Anne of Green Gables” cast sat next to me at a game and explained everything as it happened. It would have been more fun if we’d won. At least the Cowboys paid me that courtesy when I went to see them. *grin* Sorry…can’t help–I just love football.I remember that concert. Wow, that was a long time ago. I think it was one the first concerts I ever attended in my life.

  20. i thought you’ve been winking at me this whole time

  21. I have to be different than everyone else and say it wasn’t something I first noticed.  In fact, after the guy made a comment about you winking at him during Life Group a while back I asked David about it on the way home because I hadn’t really noticed!  I guess sometimes it is obvious, but like everyone else has said, it’s not annoying or distracting or anything like that.  It’s just you!

  22. I just have 1 question. Do you wear contacts?

  23. Your blinking is, as Val says, very endearing.  I don’t notice it much anymore.
    And what do you mean by that comment on my Astros/Cards blurb?  bah! 🙂

  24. Contacts I have, but I used to try those Tears Naturale eyedrops back before I even had glasses and they didn’t really help.  No matter how pricey those drops are, they can’t replace the priceless natural tears we’re born with!  Obviously mine might sometimes be lacking something.  Or they’re just more special. 

  25. correction…  it was a cambodian eye funk that my friend had… not african.  my bad!  and my friend no longer blinks a lot.  i was with him tonight and notice that he wasn’t.  it was sad… i like the blinking!  🙂

  26. This is the strangest topic to be commenting on….

  27. HELLO! 
    i noticed the blinking but it’s only with your right eye so it is more of a winking than a blinking.  i agree with all those who say it is something unique that makes you, you.

  28. 🙂 We’ll just call you “Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod” heh heh (Dottie’s Mom)

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