Someone invited a few of us to a fundraiser banquet for a school in the Third Ward this morning, so we got up early to practice our hobnobbing skills.  Actually, I spent more time trying to get some coffee, so we figured maybe the servers thought we were some sort of kids table.  Anyway, I enjoyed the presentation and hearing some of the real kids sing, and one comment a speaker made really stood out to me.  One of her students (a preschooler?) whose father and uncles were all in jail told the teacher, “I don’t think I’m gonna like being in jail when I grow up.” 


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  1. One of the reasons I love rap music is that it helps me understand a viewpoint different from my own.  I think the following lyrics represent a lot of the struggle that is the soul of hip hop – a struggle of people born feeling the world is against them, that the only way out of their situation is through drastic (usually less than legal) means, and hopelessness that those means will only lead to death or jail, but still striving against the odds.
    Institutionalized I lived my life a product made to crumbleBut too hardened for a smile, we’re too crazy to be humble, we ballinCatch me Father please, cause I’m fallin, in the liquor storeThat’s the Hennessee I hear ya callin, can I get some more?Hail til I reach Hell, I ain’t scaredMama checkin in my bedroom; I ain’t thereI got a head with no screws in it, what can I doOne life to live but I got nothin to lose, just me and youon a one way trip to prison, sellin drugsWe all wrapped up in this livin, life as Thugs
    Thank God there are places like that school to short-circuit the downward spiral of hopelessness by providing education, community, and faith needed to get people out.

  2. I’m so very glad you enjoyed the morning!!

  3. I am so Glad that we believe in a God who is interested in the widow and the orphan and hung out with the prostitutes and destitute.

  4. Yeah, Yellowstone academy is nice and all, but did you see that chick sitting 2 tables to the left of us. 

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