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Rosa Parks

My company lets me volunteer with Junior Achievement, so this afternoon I had a break from programming and taught my first of eight classes on The International Marketplace to freshmen at a local high school near UH.   They’re fresh out of middle school, so they were some really cute and talkative kids.  Except for one Asian guy, all of them were African American, and there were a lot more girls than guys. 

I decided to visit on Wednesday just to get the lay of the land, and it was perfect timing since Rosa Parks had just passed away and the teacher (who is white) asked them all to write down who she was and why she was important.  When one particularly feisty girl volunteered to share, she got up and pranced around smacking the chalkboard with the ruler as she preached on the Significance of Rosa Parks…  “She was riding the bus home from school when a white man…” (Shouts of “No, she was 42!”)  We must have had a 5-minute sermon out of this girl!  Anyway, it was pretty fun. 

Later, one girl talked about how she had used to hate white people, and then attacked those who attack her by saying she acts white.  “No, that’s not it.  I just want to grow and develop.” 

That feisty girl never stayed quiet for long, and eventually the conversation got around to Katrina.  “The news shows all those black people thanking everyone for help, but did you ever see any white people on the news thanking people for help?……..They talked about black people looting in New Orleans, and they think we don’t know what that means, but we looked up ‘looting’ in the dictionary, and we don’t like them saying that!” 


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If someone had been shivering outside our house last night as Houston’s first genuinely cold autumn winds blew down our street, they would’ve heard 3 guys discussing their struggles over how exactly God desires to heal and prosper us and the timing of how that does or doesn’t happen in our fallen world.  Right before snuggling up under my warmest blanket around midnight, my roommate brought in a guy about our age that he’d just met on our street corner and needed a place to sleep for the night.  

When I awoke to bright sunlight and temperatures in the 40s, everything felt fresh and new, and the city felt like a different place as I made my way to work.  To celebrate, I bought coffee for the first time in a while–not once, but twice today I purchased a peppermint mocha to medicate the sore throat and light sickishness that starting bugging me on Saturday.  A consultant who flew in from Chicago joked about all the scarves he was seeing. 

The day had already felt refreshingly different enough before a portion of my team made an expedition down to the med center to visit our manager, an Indian man who is genuinely appreciated so much that multiple people have asked me repeatedly if there are openings on my team.  He’d been feeling woozy sometime on Sunday (a week ago), and the doctors figured everything out so quickly that the next day his skull was already being opened.  Apparently, the very middle top part of his head was about the best (least tricky) place to have a brain tumor.  We met his wife in the room, and they were already getting ready to take him home!  Soon he’ll begin radiation treatments, and he expects to be back in the office in about a month, just in time for several applications to begin their respective rollouts to production. 

I felt that our little expeditionary band of programmers looked like a rather cute troupe, what with a couple of Chinese women and a young Pakistani guy and two Indian men and me.  I’m sure we caught the attention of riders on the light rail, but the sight of a rather large sleeping man whose belly was hanging out of his shirt was probably more eye-catching, although most people diverted their gaze immediately since he was drooling heavily.  I was praying over him and the young woman near us who looked as though she’d also journeyed from downtown to visit a loved one in the hospital.  When I asked her, she told me how her father seemed to be doing well after his double bypass.  I remembered how long it had taken my dad to recover from his a few years ago, and how he had mentioned that our bodies find it pretty shocking to be opened up. 

8:30.  As much as I enjoy looking at xanga on these two huge LCD monitors, there’s almost no one else in the building, so I figure it’s high time to get out of here and go buy some milk.  Wait a sec–someone’s phone is ringing.  I could so go and answer it right now and say something outrageous to the caller.  Aw man, it stopped. 

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Here’s the complete photo that my profile picture comes from.  It’s me and my bro in Chicago O’Hare back in December 2001, and it’s one of my faves ever…



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Blinking Bothering You?

Ok, I’ve got a serious question for ya.  Jamie took a cheap shot at my blinking in a comment she made on my armadillo post, so I have decided to get this out in the open.  Some people think I blink a lot and others don’t notice at all (guess it depends on the day), and I’ve had both girls and guys ask me if I were winking at them (I might be a blinker, but I’m NOT a bad winker).  Funny how people have no qualms about attacking blinkers but are sensitive with stutterers, etc.  Maybe the big guy gave it to me to keep me from using the Mohicans stare on girls too much.  So anyway, have you noticed me blinking a lot, and if so, did you find it odd?



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Just a Love Pat

I was on my second trip around the loop at Memorial Park late last Thursday night when I came upon an armadillo rustling in a deep bed of brown pine needles next to the trail.  I’ve heard they don’t see well, but even when he heard me coming closer he didn’t seem to care very much.  I felt like I could almost reach out and touch him, and regretted my chance to do so when he scampered off into the woods.  The next time around, there he was again!  It was pretty cute the way he was burying his head in those pine needles all the way up to his eyes, and I took advantage of that to creep up next to him, timing my steps on the crinkly leaves and needles with the occasional car that roared past us.  Finally I was close enough, and gave the guy a friendly slap on the back that sent him scurrying away. 

Funny how I felt a little bit nervous.  They don’t bite, do they?  Next time I’ll need to try to pick him up!  They’re mammals, so that means they could enjoy a little affection, right? 

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Someone invited a few of us to a fundraiser banquet for a school in the Third Ward this morning, so we got up early to practice our hobnobbing skills.  Actually, I spent more time trying to get some coffee, so we figured maybe the servers thought we were some sort of kids table.  Anyway, I enjoyed the presentation and hearing some of the real kids sing, and one comment a speaker made really stood out to me.  One of her students (a preschooler?) whose father and uncles were all in jail told the teacher, “I don’t think I’m gonna like being in jail when I grow up.”