In honor of the hurricane, a few hundred financial programmers are having a margarita party right now.  I’ve only had two so far, but the coding is getting easier by the minute.    The market will never know what hit ’em…and Wall Street thought Enron was bad!


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  1. You should get a hurricane to go with that rita!

  2. are you having a margarita party at work???!!!  is that legal??

  3. We’re not allowed to conduct a single personal stock trade without approval for each one, but I don’t think there’s any law against people over 21 imbibing tequila and lime juice while playing with their computers.  And look–I’m already done with my work for the day!  Next time I’ll try some hurricanes, Matt, and see if I can’t type even faster…

  4. I am going to come and work at your job. We had a birthday party today and all we got was some silly cake and trail mix. Got any openings?

  5. Hurricanes are strong!  Well, that’s what I hear anyways from people and Alan Jackson’s song.  I could have used a margarita or two today.  Btw, my friend said she doesn’t want to do java.  Thanks though. 

  6. man thanks for inviting the rest of us to your party… not

  7. Stud – I am disappointed that you drink margaritas. In tough times, we need to be thinking, “What would Jesus do?” Do you think Jesus would approve? Did HE drink margaritas? No – the answer is no. He would be out there walking on the water and calming the winds or sleeping and then calming the winds. But nowhere, I mean no where, does the Bible say that when the winds started blowing, Jesus started drinking margaritas. I want you to rebuke margaritas, throw away all your glasses (so you won’t be tempted), get rid of the salt and Tequila. Now. Step away. I hate having to keep all you young un’ in line.

  8. Look at me when I’m talking to you.

  9. just read your comment to my comment on dottie’s post —your neighbor’s dog, eh? must be some dog…

  10. Are you ignoring me?

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