The last few days have been so much fun, what with feeling like you’re in one of those movies where people are trapped in some city and IT’S COMING!  I feel like I got to experience all the excitement without any of the pain. 

James’ flights were cancelled and delayed on Thursday until pretty late, so I got to Houston’s Intergalactic Airport after midnight and went to a couple different terminals looking for James, but even though his flight should have already arrived, it wasn’t listed anywhere and the tired Continental people I spoke with insisted there were no more flights coming in even though I tried to tell them he had called me at 9:30 from a Continental 737 sitting on the runway in Chicago!  Matt and I decided all we could do was leave…maybe James’ flight was cancelled and his phone had died, but I still didn’t understand why he hadn’t called.  On our way back to the highway, he called us, because his flight had just landed! 

So we headed south on 59 from the airport around 1 am, not sure of the best way to go, and wanting to avoid the trouble other friends had seen.  I knew that some people heading for San Antonio via 59 had been on the road all day and still never made it, but Alex had just gone to his mom’s place in Sugar Land a couple hours before, so I decided to go for it, and it was WIDE OPEN!  I praised God that James had been delayed till so late!!!  We didn’t really need more gas, but we stopped in El Campo around 2 am to see if there was any, and a friendly  policeman took me to 3 gas stations until we found some at a Farmers Co-Op that travellers wouldn’t be able to find. 

We continued southwest to my grandfather’s town of Cuero and from there took 87 northwest and hit I-10 in San Antonio at 5 am (not a bad detour–just 255 miles from IAH to SA).  Since we couldn’t check in until the afternoon and I knew my parents wouldn’t be up yet, I took the boys to the Riverwalk and we strolled around in the romantic pre-dawn lights (yeah, what a waste without any girls around), and then we went to the hotel and they slept on the grass next to the pool while I hung out with my family.  I called a bridesmaid who had been unable to get out of Houston the day before and she made it into town around noon.  After my great aunt got up and out of my parents’ room, we were able to sleep for a couple of hours before we started to get ready for the rehearsal. 

All the groomsmen wore black suits, so I had to buy one a few days ago.  I had my trunk full of stuff in case the hurricane did anything to my place, and I put several nasty holes in the sleeve of my brand new suit when I tried to close the trunk.  I didn’t see this until late Friday afternoon and had to rush to a store to get a patch applied, and since it was behind my elbow and I was facing the congregation most of the time, I don’t think anyone noticed the best man’s ripped suit! 

A bunch of people didn’t make it to the wedding, but we still had about a hundred people at the rehearsal dinner, and we had tons of music during the open mic time since there were plenty of talented individuals among the Aldersgate/College Station folks, the bride’s brothers and cousins, and our friends from Nigeria.  Every once in a while for the last few months I’d thought that I needed to come up with something to say during the sharing time, and I was bummed that I hadn’t ever sat down to come up with anything profound, but that night I thought of several stories (e.g. shooting my brother with a Filipino blowgun and him rescuing me from a crocodile coming right at me while I was sitting on the pot) and tied them into some of the things I wanted to get across. 

I was dead tired at the wedding, but everything went perfectly, and a lot of folks commented on how extra rockin’ the band was during the ceremony.  I also had some great guys to help me get the car decorated.  After it was all over, I hung out with the half dozen remaining out-of-state friends until they flew out of San Antonio yesterday, and then James and I drove back to Houston last night (the same way we came) and he flew out before dawn this morning.  I felt like I was running on fumes (my body, not my car) since I think I’ve clocked 14 hours of sleep in the last 3 days, but I ran 5 miles at Memorial Park and then came into work (hardly anyone is here).  As you can tell, I’m working very, very hard.  Actually, we’re kinda waiting on some guy to fly in, and he should be here any moment, so until the next hurricane wedding…oh, and this just in:  jeans week here at work through Friday, and a hurricane party next week!  What else could anyone ask for?



10 Responses to “”

  1. so I am not “other friends” and instead am “some people”??  I see how it is…;)
    Glad you are back safely!  Please sleep well tonight.

  2. wow. i’m exhausted reading that.

  3. Amazing. Totally amazing! I’m glad the wedding went well too. Did they make their cruise out of Galveston?

  4. I’m glad to hear everything worked out! Congrats to your brother. I guess I don’t have much of a story for either your “other friends” or “some people” or even “old roommates” links (we half-heartedly tried to go to Baton Rouge but turned around at Baytown). I had to work today =(

  5. sounds most exciting and adventuresome! I agree with dlynn, I’m out of breath just reading about it all…

  6. yikes. strong work man

  7. Wow….. what a tale…. how about that cruise, eyy??? 😉

  8. They’re supposed to be leaving on the cruise today!

  9. Reading that post was more stressful than being in the rain showers Rita brought.

  10. is your company hiring java developers?  does that require a CS degree? 

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