I need to pick up a guy from Hobby Airport at noon and another guy from
IAH at 6 pm.  I called Local 2 News yesterday and somebody warned
me it might take that whole time just to get between the two
airports.  I guess I should stay off of 45–maybe find some back
roads out there…?  I’m not even sure how I’m going to get to
Hobby at this point, much less get from there to Intercontinental, and
then back home, and then out of town at some point tonight that the
freeways don’t look as clogged!  I see on the news that about
mid-morning they’ll open up the southbound lane of 45 to carry
northbound traffic, and then later they’re planning on doing that with
290, I-10, etc. 

* Edit *

Talked to friends who left Houston around 3 am, and they were only in
Sugar Land by 9:30 this morning!  Bread & Jam folks heading up
to Wichita Falls left from Fountainview & Westheimer around 7, and
by 9:30 they still hadn’t made it to 290 (on Eldridge).  As for
me, I don’t think getting to Hobby will be the problem, but finding my
way to IAH and then out of town (3 am?) will be a bit more challening.

* Edit – 10 pm *

Heading to IAH to get the 2nd guy.  After that…San Antonio
somehow.  I have friends who left for San Antonio at 3 am and
still aren’t there!


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  1. I can’t believe how crazy this all sounds… I know it’s because of Katrina more than anything, all the hype about doing the best thing/preparation… but it’s almost as bad-sounding of an experience as waiting in your house and just having a roof leak or something… what’s the deal??  Why is the system so (pardon the expression) water-logged?  You’d think we’d’ve figured things out as a world by now… I know that’s a dumb statement and it doesn’t allow for the way things just are… but I guess my idealist self would rear up her ugly head and be heard this afternoon.

  2. I’ve been checking the news off and on and the freeways look crazy!

  3. I will most certainly pray for your journey… it’s a mess out there…

  4. So did you make it to the wedding on time???  I hope so!  You mentioned me having babies in the last post you wrote on my blog.  Have I talked about that with you before?  You’re totally right – the biggest thing that will keep me from finishing the dissertation is if we get pregnant.  Then I won’t care.  🙂  I can’t wait to have kids.  and stay at home and not work and play with them.

  5. Did you make it back to H-town okay?  I hope the route that took you to SA took back as quickly. 🙂

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