Just tried several gas stations south of downtown and they all only had premium left (if that), so I filled up!  I need enough to pick up 2 friends from each of the Houston airports tomorrow evening and then to get out of town on my way to San Antonio for my bro’s wedding on Saturday.  I was going to leave with my buds on Friday morn, but now I’m wondering if I might need to hightail it out of town on I-10 in the middle of Thursday night to avoid clogged freeways.  Seems like I’ll miss out on the fun while I’m gone–my first chance to hang out in a hurricane.  Alex is planning on enjoying riding out the storm at our house over by West Gray and Taft. 

My bro was supposed to leave on a honeymoon cruise out of Galveston on Sunday afternoon, and this morning they were still telling him that it was on!  Wonder if they’re thinking Rita might move out of here before then (and Galveston Island will be accessible in time), or if they just didn’t have an update.  Maybe they have alternate departure points, like Corpus Christi or something like that…


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  1. Wow! I better fill up as soon as possible. I’m planning on heading out tomorrow morning, but I better not wait any longer to get gas…

  2. Random eprops! I too am a fellow homeschool graduate and vineyard church goer.
    Rock on my friend, rock on.

  3. hey…handsome man. Let’s see when you call me!

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