I’ve got car problems.  Didn’t want to post again so soon and
detract from my lovely 10 things down below, but last night when Jo and
I were leaving Memorial Park at midnight, I let him drive away even
though my car wasn’t starting.  The thing is, it’s never taken
more than a minute to get started when this has happened before, but
last night it took over 10 minutes, and the whole time I was turning on
the lights, the flashers, opening and slamming the hood to try to
wiggle whatever was possibly loose back into place, and just sitting
there telling God I was fine with chilling a while or calling my
housemate or whatever I was supposed to do.  So basically, this
started a couple of months ago, and sometimes I’ve been flying down the
highway when the locks will all click and the radio will go off and the
entire car will shut down, and I just coast to a stop and restart
it.  Or sometimes I’ll go get in the car and it won’t start. 
When I’m trying to start it, it’s not even trying to turn over–not a
thing happens, in fact.  And then all of a sudden it starts. 

The Goodyear guy I left it with today couldn’t find a single thing
wrong with it, and said he’d had a problem like that with a Lincoln he
got rid of after replacing the entire electrical harness.  He
finally found the problem was with a door pin, but the tough part is
finding it and shelling out all that money (if he hadn’t tinkered
around with the $400 harness himself, he estimated he would’ve paid for
7-8 hours of expensive labor as well).  So even though I’ve got 100-mile
towing with AAA and everyone at work is pretty relaxed about me coming
in late, I was actually considering letting go of my grandmother’s
dream car (1999 Monte Carlo) that she purchased a couple years before
she passed away.  I just haven’t wanted to spend any money on a
car, and I don’t like this sort of decision, because anytime I’ve
considered it in the past, I’ve always thought, “What if I move out of
the country in another year or so?”  Of course, I’ve been thinking
that every year for several years now, so maybe I shouldn’t factor that
into my decision as much as the fact that I probably wouldn’t want to
call friends for rides more than a couple dozen times.  But then
again, what if I can always start it again?  I feel like I don’t
know the answer right now, so if you happen to know anyone who wants to
get rid of a great car, feel free to email me to give me a heads-up just in case… 


10 Responses to “”

  1. did you really say housemate? hmmmmm.
    my brother’s wanting to sell his 2001 honda civic.

  2. I’ll keep a lookout for you.

  3. oh yeah… I know 2 peole selling their cars.  a toyota 4runner for $2,000 and an escort wagon for $1000.

  4. you know, if you end up leaving the country in a year, or two months, or 4 years, you could always give the (new) car away.  i am sure you could find someone in need of a car.  just a thought.  πŸ™‚ 

  5. We had almost the exact same problem with our toyota. A new battery fixed it. But intermittent problems in a car always amke me nervous….i am so glad we live in the age of cell phones

  6. You know my thoughts. Please find a way to fix your car or get a new one! Cars that turn off while you’re driving on the highway deserve to be retired. I like Julie’s thought above… you can always give the new car away… or sell it.

  7. i hear ya, i’ve had my fair share of car problems.  the worst was when my car overheated and nearly died on the freeway in austin during rush hour.  my car now is making a loud, screeching noise for about a week and a half.  hopefully i can get it checked out tomorrow or saturday morning. 

  8. What was that? You’re baking a cake for lifegroup next week? Fabulous… πŸ™‚

  9. The place we stayed in NYC was $90/night, but it’s not open to the general public. Chip provided the hook up.Oh, and electricity is weird. Shorting things are very hard to find, from computers to cars.

  10. Thanks…it’s nice to know that some of the thoughts in my head can be lovely.

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