I never responded to email thingies like this, but since I was tagged by Dottie, here I go–in no particular order…

Ten Things That Make Me Happy:

1. hiking and exploring

2. being tickled by people’s personalities

3. chocolate anything

4. uncontrollable laughing from deep down inside

5. swimming in the moonlight (in a faraway lake, Houston, or anywhere)

6. conversations in the outside back part of The Ginger Man

7. stories of adventures, and dreaming of going on them

8. cuddling in front of a good movie

9. physical expressions of strength that make me feel very alive (leaping, bounding, sprinting)

10. a book I don’t want to put down


Now I tag Jamie and Karin Sofia



10 Responses to “”

  1. it is.. too bad i can’t do this for a living.

  2. way–to–go
    I’ve never thought about #2 and never done #6, but everything else I totally relate to. Good list 🙂

  3. Hmm, u got tagged by me, blame Lan.
    Swimming in moon light sounds fun.

  4. Ummm.. I think number 2 is my favorite..I’m with Kris on this, I never thought about it either but it’s definitely true. Way to coin what all of us were feeling but didnt quite know how to express. : )

  5. There’s really nothing better than a GOOD laugh. I agree. In response to #2, I think I need an example of a ticklish personality. The concept is quite lovely!

  6. aligato. Thanks.

  7. I’ve eaten big African termites, so I suppose chocolate would make it that much easier. 

  8. thanks to you for helping take my mind off the not-so-favorite things in life ;).

  9. thanks for calling me mi’jita…that made me feel a little better.

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