Good weekend.  Rami made it to New York (yes, a Lebanese guy made
it through U.S. airport security with absolutely no form of ID
whatsoever), and then I headed out of town to visit my family and my
little brother’s fiancee, and then had a blast with tons of fun people
after I got back into town on Monday. 

I saw my parents for the first time in over 14 months (they’re here for my little brother’s wedding). 
I feel like I don’t really laugh all that much, or at least I don’t
experience many big, sincere laughs from the core of my heart, and I
had one of those with my brother just talking about old times (he got
tickled by it since I went on and on laughing with tears in my eyes for
a minute or more).

The longest I ever went without seeing my family was 2 years during
college (my brother’s junior and senior years of high school).  I
guess I got used to it, and didn’t give it so much thought at the time,
but afterwards I realized that I missed out on a lot of my brother as
he grew and experienced so much during that time.  And here I used
to think we’d go diving in the Great Barrier Reef together someday (he
loves that stuff), or maybe some other sort of adventurous bonding
trip, but he’s about to get married, and then it’ll all be over, won’t


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  1. this is going to sound weird. but i could actually hear you reading that.
    i do wish you would come say hello.
    miss mattie.
    *(since when did i start giving myself a “title”? like miss or ms. or mrs., and speaking of such i don’t personally care for the way mrs. looks or sounds. it is dreadful and boring while miss is fun and exciting. woa. i went off on a tangent…by the way i am really wonderful at changing the subject…)*
    ok. the end.

  2. yeah. Great news about Rami.  I love those pics of your brother and wife to be.  I’m glad you had fun with your brother… and you never know…. being married isn’t the end of the world.  There is definitely a transition… You just never know….  (i like your parents. i hope they have a great visit).

  3. so, ummm, that seems like a silly conclusion (that adventures with your bro are no longer an option).  who said married people can’t go on adventures?  i am pretty sure married folks still do fun things with other people (brothers, for instance)…. cuz it isn’t like you drop out of society, or your communities.  there are just transitions that have to get figured out… speaking as an all-knowing-married-person, of course. 🙂
    and – way cool about rami (i will just go with the theory that god provided for his passage, rather than assume that it is easy for someone to go through all of security with no identification… cuz the later isn’t so much of a reassuring conclusion). 
    happy day to you. 🙂

  4. Stephen, thanks for the phone call this evening and the invite!  I would love to come sometime 🙂

  5. hey, long time no talk.  sounds like you’re well.  know what you mean about not seeing family.  i’m averaging about once a year.  it’s rough.  glad y’all got to connect. 

  6. ooo. do let me introduce myself. my name is mattie. i found you very randomly, so randomly i don’t even remember how. i love to stick my foot in my mouth. i have a pension for writing very long entries and deleting them and starting over. i do enjoy your site immensely. i find you both entertaining and thought provoking. i am making myself sound like a nerd…but i am cool! i promise. i cut and dye my hair all the time, and one time it was black with pink highlights. come on. tell me that isn’t cool.
    now it is brown with blonde streaks. still cool, but average cool. i am ok with this. for now.
    anyways. so you can call me mattie. or miss mattie. or mattsta. or mattie “the stud” baker. whichever you prefer.
    nice to meet you! and now we have to get to know one another. it is futile to resist.

  7. hahah yeah 101.1 is my new favorite station. the spanglish is outta control on there. and apparently the morning djs are called “the mexicans” hahha man i love houston. 🙂

  8. even old married guys can still have adventures…can’t they?

  9. lol. We have to go eat sushi someday.

  10. Yeah, my sisters did a weekend course; all day sat and sun, which is looong but good for two reasons. 1–they simply have to take the written portion of the test at the dps, and 2–it’s good for beginners, ie people like me who’ve never driven a bike before and don’t know the first thing about them.
    I don’t know if or when I’ll get around to it. A whole weekend is a lot to give up…

  11. I work long hours now! but sometimes a day seems longer than most Hope you’re doing well, God bless!

  12. Where’s your list, Stephen???  ; )

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