Rami is looking good–he’s been eating MREs
for days, so he wasn’t starving.  He left his car parked on
the 7th floor of a hotel parking lot and went to the Superdome on
Sunday (2 days after he arrived in the city for school).  His
recollection was that the MPs went from carrying no guns or handguns to
machine guns and then finally shotguns.  Everyone was forced to
sit in the lower sections, so you had sleep sitting in a seat with
people next to you, and people had trouble sleeping since parts of the
roof tore off and a lot of the seats were wet, and since the AC was off
it was pretty hot inside.  MREs were being served for breakfast
and dinner.  At one point, there was concern that the generator
might get flooded, so the National Guard nurses Rami was helping told
him that if the lights went out that night, he should find a place to
hide himself, because the police would be completely withdrawn from the
facility if that happened (because they felt there would be nothing
they could do to control any ensuing chaos).  Fortunately,
that never came to pass. 

Rami was helping to care for about 30 sick and elderly patients for
a couple of days, and on Wednesday morning they started loading them
onto a military flatbed truck.  It took all day, and that evening
as they were about to go, the guard pointed to Rami and another helper
and said they could get onto the truck as well.  The guard with
the machine gun had to go with them to make sure no one tried to hop
onto the truck.  This thing plowed through high water and made it
to the nearby city of Jefferson, and from there he got to Lafayette,
and then he hitched a ride to Houston.  He lost his only bag of
stuff (wallet, cell phone, etc) when a group he had been with picked up
his stuff along with theirs and he lost track of them. 

He found out Cornell was one of the schools offering to help and
called them up, and they’ve offered to accept him for the fall
term without having to apply (or for the whole year if Tulane takes
longer to reopen), so tomorrow he’s flying up to Ithaca, New
York.  A friend in St. Louis told me last night that colleges
there were expecting to accept lots of students from New Orleans as

A story to tell for a lifetime, that’s for sure…but in listening
to how well Rami is doing, it’s tough to remember how badly off so many
others are.  It sounds like Houston is doing an awesome job of
ramping up existing operations to meet the increased demand.  An
example is KidCare, which typically makes almost a thousand lunches per
day for children in schools, and right now is looking to get as many
extra hands onboard as possible to scale their existing operation up to
try to meet the needs of all these extra thousands of people in
Houston, so please pass on the word to as many groups of people as you
know and contact them directly if you can help:




6 Responses to “”

  1. i have no words for the devastation down there. and this coming from me, who usually can’t keep her mouth shut. we here in colorado have been taking in people at colleges too…University of Colorado at Boulder (where i live) has taken in…12? people our age are lucky. they have an out. but my heart is heavy for the older men and women who have no where else to go and the babies that have lost everything and the people there that are desperate enough to not care anymore.
    i hate that i have nothing to give them. i don’t even have words to pray.
    thank you Lord for the Holy Spirit, who intercedes on our behalf.

  2. I’m glad to hear a good report about your friend!

  3. Glad to hear that your friend is safe and well, Stephen!  Praise God.

  4. At the Astrodome.

  5. Are the colleges letting him attend for free? 

  6. Cornell gave him free tuition!

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