Right when I got to the Astrodome early this morning, Rami was able to call me with someone’s cell phone to let me know that their bus got diverted to Lafayette, Louisiana.  Neither of us know why that happened, but from the reports of shooting at the Superdome in New Orleans, it sounds like he got out of there just in time.  He has no money or passport, but says they’re taking good care of the refugees.  My parents arrived in the U.S. yesterday, and they might drive over to pick him up, but we’re waiting since he says he’ll call whenever he has more info about his options.  Do you know anyone in Lafayette who could help us put him on a bus to Chicago or Houston or something like that? 


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  1. maybe you could try calling or emailing pitre.  i have no idea if she could help, but she has family friends there, if i remember right.
    and, ummmm, juliana = bored girl, this morning.  so i am glad you posted. šŸ™‚  i am running some seepage (water under a levee) models that take 10 minutes to run… i am not very good at patience.  so i am visiting xangaland more frequently, the last couple of days.

  2. hey. i found you wuite randomly, but i read through some of your stuff and think i might subscribe. feel free to peruse through my xanga and do the same. i am praying for your friend…actually everyone over there but i am glad i finally have a specific…and i am praying for you as well.

  3. Yes.  We have a store in Lafayette.  The “heard” that some of the superdome people were going to be sheltered at the Cajundome.  We have a driver that will be in Lafayette tomorrow.  Do you think your friend would want a ride?  Can someone pick him up at Lafayette?  I wonder what the roads are like?

  4. Got a voicemail from him…sounds like he found some people who are driving to a Houston airport tonight, and he says he might be at an airport around midnight tonight, so hopefully that’ll be the case and I can go grab him then!  Obviously he’s better off than most people–young guy in school without much to tie him down.  I guess we just need to figure out how to get them to allow him onto a plane without his passport or any other form of ID. 

  5. good.. btw.. cute pic! 

  6. hope you are sleeping better.  have a good time with your parents.  glad to hear that your friend is ok. 

  7. Hey I know you.   I saw your comment under embracing_extraordinary’s Xanga who I found through Ben.  Let me know if you hear anything from Megan.  I sent her an email, but I don’t know who she is.  Thanks!  Praise God for your friend Rami!

  8. Hello pinkfreeze! I just replied to your email. Let me know if you have any questions – thanks for you interest in volunteering!!!

  9. Only slept 3 hours last night, so I got an extra hour nap after work today…this volunteering opportunity embracing_extraordinary mentioned sounds cool–awesome how existing projects can be scaled up at a time like this if they just get more hands onboard. And some organizational leaders already emailed me back to say they were going to pass on the word!

  10. According to the news the reason your friend was diverted was because the astrodome was full and officials felt there was a significant risk of danger should it be over filled.I can’t believe the news as I watch it. America hasn’t asked for any help internationally as yet, partly I think because they feel that they can fix this, but talk about being slow off the mark!I hope your friend is okay.

  11. It sounds like people expected to be able to handle all the rescue operations, but then the increasing number of broken levees and stuff like that created a more difficult problem than anyone anticipated.  j_ana posted an article about some of this…

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