With devastation still increasing in New Orleans and predictions of $4/gallon gasoline, some photographer out there still manages to pick up on a bit of humorous irony

Got a crazy call from a high school classmate named Yahya during lunch, so I have to add this paragraph…he just asked me how my family was, how things were going, and finally after a bit of random small talk, he filled me in on how his younger brother Rami was to start at Tulane this week (the university is now submerged), and the last he heard from Rami yesterday morning was that he was in the Superdome in New Orleans, so we’re assuming he might get moved over on one of the 500 buses hauling people to the Astrodome here in Houston.  This Indian guy next to me at work who studied at Tulane overheard my conversation, and for the first time ever he initiated a conversation with me to tell me that he’s waiting to hear from friends and wondering if they’ll get transported over in the next 48 hours.  We were discussing how there’s absolutely no way for any of those people to contact anybody since all the pay phones are underwater and their cell phones are most likely out of juice by now.  Even after reading the questions raised by another post, I was wondering if this faraway hurricane was ever going to hit home much more than seeing signs downtown offering discounts for Louisiana residents…


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  1. yeah.  we have a couple of stores in Louisiana that were not really effected & are going to the Superdome to serve food.  our company is sending run trucks with food.

  2. so I’m curious… prom? groomsman? traveling salesman?

  3. As for the New Orleans stuff, I’m in touch with some friends who work at shelters in town. I’ll pass the word along to everyone as I hear about good opportunities to help out…

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