I generally never got hurt growing up, but my daredevil little brother
John always did because he’d try anything.  We had a ten-foot wall
in Lagos, and
he would run on it while I couldn’t even get myself to stand up on
it.  When we lived in the northern Plateau State, we’d go
hiking in the hills and climbing on the huge piles of boulders
found everywhere, and I would sometimes completely freeze up while John
and other friends would scamper up and down and all around like it was
nothing.  I would never go cliff jumping with them, so when I
finally jumped off a 50-foot cliff at Lake Travis last weekend, I made sure to get some video to prove it, because my brother was claiming I wouldn’t actually do it. 

That was a week of knocking down fears, because I also sang karaoke (with 3 other guys) for the first time ever (we sang The Proclaimers’ 500 Miles), and I’m not a singer!  It was a great week…


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  1. eek!  we went rafting on the salmon river two weeks ago and the river guide had us jump off a bridge that crossed the river.  it was only probably 15-20 feet above the water and that caused enough of an adremaline rush to last me the rest of the trip down the river.  i can’t imagine jumping off 50 feet.  and camilo got a bloody nose from it.  did you get hurt?  jumping into the strong current was a little different, though.  looks like fun!

  2. I wore shoes, so my feet didn’t get hurt.  Some of the guys I was with had jumped off a 90-foot cliff up there a couple of months before!!!  That’s a different ballgame entirely–if you don’t go straight in, you get very hurt.  Anyway, the main question is, would we be able to get people from MY lifegroup to go up there???  I mean, if I can do it, any of them can…

  3. Note the facial expression – that’s what I think of 50-foot cliffs :)… I’ve actually done something similar, just not that high. Looks exciting.

  4. 50 ft!!!   Wow! And karaoke?  Man!  I’m speachless.  I wish I could have been there.

  5. Cool video.  That looks about the same height we jumped off of when we went.  And I am honored to have been part of your very first karoke experience.  You’re a rock star.

  6. There is a bridge in NC over Fire’s Creek that I used to jump off in the summers when my family went on vacation.(Only about a 30 ft. jump.)
    I have this advice to give; when you go jumping from any height into a river, make sure that the water is NOT moving at a fast rate…any article of clothing lost in the process of jumping will be as good as gone.

  7. Wow! I would NEVER do that, no matter how much someone paid me. Props to you!

  8. Conquering long-time fears, and any fears at all for that matter…Yeah man, yeah. You go, Stephen!

  9. Wow..I just watched the video. I love how you just jumped off without no hesitation. Just, “okay, here I go,” BOOM! Very nice.

  10. so, the question we all want answered…….who’s the girl you want to be jumping for?????

  11. Been waiting for you, Ashley!  Thanks for showing your lovely smiling face.  Given what I said in the first couple of posts I made on xanga, you think I’d actually tell you the name of the girl here on the web?!  Don’t get me wrong–I can talk about all sorts of revealing things on here, but just not something like that.  Besides…each time I started dating someone in the past, I typically didn’t let on even to my good friends right away. 

  12. so you’re dating someone, then?  who is she??!! 

  13. Actually, I’m not–not since you rejected me! 😉 No, seriously, I’m not dating anyone. And once again, thanks for posting, long-lost oatwoman. You know how to pry better than most on here, it would seem…

  14. so in my dream last night you told me you had decided to go back to Rice, get an academ degree, and get your teacher certification.  and then you got mad at me because i didn’t post often enough on your xanga.  so here’s another post, just in case.  🙂

  15. Have we spoken about this?  If not, that’s pretty wacky since I was one class away from being certified to teach English.  Anyway, I hung out with academs more than SEs, so I think that qualifies me for an honorary academ degree. 

  16. i think male cats are more laid-back than female ones, at least in my experience.  and i’m pretty sure we’ve not discussed that you’re almost certified to teach English, so that is pretty wacky. 🙂

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