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With devastation still increasing in New Orleans and predictions of $4/gallon gasoline, some photographer out there still manages to pick up on a bit of humorous irony

Got a crazy call from a high school classmate named Yahya during lunch, so I have to add this paragraph…he just asked me how my family was, how things were going, and finally after a bit of random small talk, he filled me in on how his younger brother Rami was to start at Tulane this week (the university is now submerged), and the last he heard from Rami yesterday morning was that he was in the Superdome in New Orleans, so we’re assuming he might get moved over on one of the 500 buses hauling people to the Astrodome here in Houston.  This Indian guy next to me at work who studied at Tulane overheard my conversation, and for the first time ever he initiated a conversation with me to tell me that he’s waiting to hear from friends and wondering if they’ll get transported over in the next 48 hours.  We were discussing how there’s absolutely no way for any of those people to contact anybody since all the pay phones are underwater and their cell phones are most likely out of juice by now.  Even after reading the questions raised by another post, I was wondering if this faraway hurricane was ever going to hit home much more than seeing signs downtown offering discounts for Louisiana residents…


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I can count 6 people from the last decade of my life that have been
what I would call a best friend at some point or another, but the
closest of those is almost 900 miles away.  I keep up with 3 of
them and visit every once in a while, but for different reasons, I have
little communication with the others.  Some of them understood
every little nuance of every little facial expression I made, and to
me, that is a delightful gift. 

Several times I had to make a major move, but fortunately I didn’t have
it as badly as some people I’ve met who have moved every couple of
years their whole life.  Still, there were plenty of painful
separations.  Rarely did I pay much attention to the temptation to
shield myself from more angst, for I crave intimacy, and the pleasure
of growing close to someone generally makes the hurt of losing them
worth the trouble. 

Often I heard people imply that I had lots of friends back in college,
but the truth is that I had tons of good acquaintances and wasn’t
genuinely close to many of them.  I craved intimacy then, too, and
experienced it in seasons that came and went.  However, I
sometimes made the mistake of straining friends by seeking things only
God had the ability to provide. 

In a recent conversation I caught myself trying to explain an opinion
about something that I myself have been struggling with, and it partly
concerns me seeking intimacy from God.  I get a real kick out of
people in general, and in fact, I enjoy them most when I’m thinking of
myself least (something I first began seeing play out in real life long
ago, but even lately have
been having a tough time with).  Jesus exhibited numerous
surprising qualities, and one of these was how he could appreciate
everyone without worrying about drawing attention to himself.  I
have watched myself doing the opposite a lot for a while now, and I
can’t stand it, but I don’t want to try to be selfless on my own
strength, because I’ll just feel empty and fake and it will drive me
even crazier than I already feel.  There have been plenty of good
times in recent months both at work and in play, but deep inside a
heart-wrenching dissatisfaction still gnaws at my heart, and my only
hope is to take the “advice” I gave in that conversation (feeling
as I did so) and beg the only one who can satisfy to make me fall in
love with him more than any other thing.  He knows every nuance of
every bit of me more than any of my best friends ever could, and if I
dance for him, he’s guaranteed to smile. 

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Nothing beats hanging out with a couple of men over Two Rows half-price
pizza and beer.  Thanks for the great company guys…

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Seen on a buff black guy’s t-shirt downtown:

Pain is weakness leaving the body.

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Where to begin?  I had weddings the past 2 weekends:  one in
Raleigh and the other was an Indian wedding dinner at a restaurant here
in Houston called Ashiana. 

The guy getting married in North Carolina was an old buddy of mine from
Nigeria, and we ended up having a great reunion because so many old MK
friends made it to the wedding.  I met some of them back in the
80s, and honestly, I consider a few of these guys to be my closest
friends to this day, so it’s always great to see them. 

The wedding here in Houston was also for a friend of mine from Nigeria
who was supposed to get married last March, but she called it off 2
days before since she wasn’t ready, and then quietly married in June
and decided to have the wedding dinner in August.  Preeti played
my wife in Father of the Bride during our senior year of high school,
and after going to school at Tufts in Boston she made her way down here
to work for an oil company.  FINALLY someone moved close to
me–most of my 37 high school classmates are in the northeast, and none
of them are in Texas or any of the surrounding states since Preeti just
left for a 2-year stint in Kazakhstan! 

Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing some cool Indian dancers or just
random pictures in general, both of the photo albums are linked off my
homepage, along with my younger (only) brother’s wedding website that I
just finished hand-coding in my spare time in the past several weeks:

And tonight…just got done hanging out with an Indian guy.  We
had vegetarian Indian food on Hillcroft and then milkshakes at
Sonic–go figure.  But most importantly, we had several hours of
excellent conversation.  He has concerns since he’s on an H1 visa
and losing his job would mean he’d have to leave the country within 15
days if he didn’t find another one, and despite times of uncertainty,
I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced any quite like that. But I’m not
worried about him losing his job. 

You see, he was hired to replace me before I left my old job, and
believe me, they NEED him…moreover, he’s very good at what he does,
which is equivalent to the jobs of 2 or 3 people.  I knew the odds
seemed slim of finding a strong replacement, and I’m sure my boss was
concerned, but I prayed and God definitely did deliver. 

Now, Harmeet agrees that God has taken very good care of him. 
When he got accepted to a small college in north Texas, he showed up
not knowing anyone.  Some people at the airport noticed he seemed
lost and gave him a ride, and he ended up staying with them until he
found lodging, and then he sometimes worked 100 hours per week paying
part of his way through school (to help keep down the massive
loans).  God has come through for him a million times over, and he
agrees to that.  He doesn’t believe in the Sikh religion that his
parents do, but he does believe in God.  However, he just believes
he can only know that little bit of God that he does know, and he
figures everyone else makes up what they say they know about God. 
We had to cut our conversation short at midnight since his dad called
from India. 

As for me, things are pretty good.  My parents will be coming from
Ghana for the month of September (since my bro is getting married), so
I’m hoping to hang out with them some–maybe every weekend.  But
one thing I’m pretty sure about, and hope to be 100% true, and that is
that I’m waking up…finally…I’m ready for action…

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It’s late, but I just had a conversation with a guy that begs some
feedback.  He thinks that he’d just know within a little bit of
hanging out with a girl whether or not she was the one and was shocked
that I would need more than an hour or two to figure it out.  I
was saying that to be really sure, I’d definitely want a lot more
time.  I guess it’s pretty obvious what most people would tend to
say about something like this, but honestly, perhaps there’s something
to what he’s claiming.  Maybe any extra hang-out time really would
be to just make sure…is it possible that if I had to ask myself
whether I wanted to pursue a girl after a whole day or two of being
around her then I clearly shouldn’t be going for her? 

In another time of my life I probably wouldn’t even be questioning this
stuff, but I guess he really got me thinking.  Is it really
important that I be blown-away captivated by her immediately? 

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Jo pointed out something funny at life group tonight.  A few of us
had broken into a small group for prayer and the girls really spilled
their guts, whereas the guys mentioned things like a performance review
at work or some sort of financial decision…  The truth is,
there’s plenty going on with me, but I guess I didn’t know how to
express it.  I guess I feel like it’s stuff that God wants me to
deal with with him, or let him deal with one-on-one with me…then
again, maybe I should just try to figure out how to express it

I’ve felt tired and stressed out sometimes lately without feeling like
I should feel very tired and stressed out, because really, I definitely
see blessings piling into my life one on top of the other, and this has
been going on for a while.  I get to show up at work late and
leave early sometimes, and I like the new job, and I’ve been getting to
have fun besides.  Sometimes I even get to go home for lunch since
I live just a few minutes from downtown. 

On Monday, I realized I didn’t have food at home, so I stopped for a
fish sandwich at Burger King (not that many options nearby).  I
guess those take a little longer, so they had me drive forward. 
Then the guy behind me started honking, and I told him I hadn’t gotten
my food yet, and he said he really needed to get out, and I asked him
where he wanted me to go, and then I pulled my head back inside and
ignored him a bit.  I think there was another honk so I pulled out
onto Westheimer and let it pass, and then get this–I reversed on
Westheimer and backed up into the drive-through.  I waited. 
Still no fish and fries, and then the next car started honking at
me.  I honked back a few times.  Finally I squealed my tires
3 times as I pulled out onto Westheimer and then kind of around into a
neighboring parking lot.  I saw these Mexican guys looking at me
from inside the Burger King, and pretty soon after that this Mexican
lady came outside with my order.  She was walking pretty
hurriedly, and I pasted some sort of blank, friendly expression on my
face as if everyone inside hadn’t heard everything that had
happened.  Why did I do that?  Any of that? 

Honestly, why should I care if I need to pull around to let others pass
by?  I mean, it’s the nice, servanty kind of thing to do, but
besides that, it’s just that easy.  I think I just had a lot going
on inside already, and to top it all off, I’d been feeling physically
bad all morning.  In discussing some stuff with my roommate, I
realized for the first time that maybe I had been under a bit of
spiritual attack that day…regardless, I guess a lot has been on my
mind lately (girls, marriage, what I’m doing with my life, reasons why
I might not want to get married anytime soon because there might be
some stuff I want to do first), things have heated up at work all of a
sudden, and I haven’t had much free time in the past couple of weeks
since I’ve been doing things like staying up late working on my bro’s
wedding website.  And I haven’t been running, or attending to the
place I moved into OVER A MONTH AGO, yada yada yada, and I’m planning
on getting up at like 5:30 in the morning and then sitting through a
3-hour musical tomorrow night after trying to alternate between working
and compulsively reading my xanga subscriptions all day tomorrow. 

Let’s just say I really felt the presence of God when I put it all out
there before him after I got home.  My housemate came home and we
talked a bit, but now he’s trying to get some guy to go camping with
them at Lake Travis again this weekend, so I think I’ll get in some
more time with the big guy right now before I lay me down to
sleep.  I don’t know if he’ll make the girl thing or any of the
other things super easy like I sometimes think I want, but I believe
it’s really true that he can handle the furious cravings of my heart
better than anyone else despite the fact that I usually go to others
for satisfaction first. 

So, after my little Burger King incident, I came home and slept for
about an hour and a half.  Counting all the driving and fish
waiting and tire squealing time, I’ll bet I left work for about 2 and
half hours.  Often when I’m getting to work late or leaving early,
I’ll ask God to please, please, please not let anyone on my team try to
chat with me while I’m not there so they won’t figure out how long I’m
not there or whatever (I sit far from my team at the moment), and man,
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked up to my computer and been
so relieved not to see a chat window open! 

I guess this is a wee bit long.  That’s ok.  I probably only
want the readers who really care to read it anyway.