For the record, I have suddenly become obsessed with this.  Good thing I’m heading towards Austin to go camping at Lake Travis.  Maybe my company should start blocking access to xanga like they do to all 3 of my personal email account websites. 


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  1. so it appears you have read wild at heart. yes? and just out of curiosity, why do you need three personal email accounts??  have fun in austin!

  2. Everyone needs at least 3 personal e-mail accounts. I have 5-6.

  3. I’ve tried to keep it down to 3. Right now, I use, GMail, and Yahoo. It isn’t too hard to guess my address at each one of those–I’ll give you a hint: they don’t start with naijatexanstud.

  4. hey, good to hear from you.  It was a 10 week internship, the 10 weeks are up, that’s why it ended… now I have the rest of the summer to just relax before going back to school- so i can’t really complain too too much.   Hope you have a great day! God bless.

  5. Hey, good to see you on xanga! Are you still in Houston?? Because I’m back!! πŸ™‚ So did all my consultations about consulting help when you were deciding on jobs? (I noticed your profile said java developer, which definitely sounds like a consulting type of thing…at least at the firm I had worked at…so I’m curious where you ended up.)

  6. Hola, my friend! Good to see your site. I completely sympathize with you regarding the potential addictive tendencies xanga can provoke. It is for that very reason that I refrained from creating my own xanga for so long. But with self-discipline, it’s all good, right?
    As to the previous thoughts about transparency, I think there’s a balance. Obviously, we all have masks that we wear, and those are better discarded than decorated. So I don’t advocate a masquerade lifestyle. On the other hand, I like what someone said on here about being transparent and still keeping parts of him/herself disclosed. I think there’s different levels of relationships, and with wisdom we can decide how much to disclose based on the context of the relationship. My two cents.

  7. Hello my little kumquat.  Don’t forget what I said today at the lunch table.  Offer is still good.

  8. Senor Stephen you finally became part of the club. Bienvenido

  9. hey!  i’m new to this, too.  thanks for leaving a comment on my site.  i look forward to reading about your thoughts and adventures.  ooh, and i got a job on friday!  woo hoo!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    so, i looked with anticipation at my xanga at lunch today, only to find no sign of the promised comment.  sad clown.
    i am more than curious about your SF-possible trip.   it would be so fun to hang out!  my most favorite friend jared agrees.  SO.  it is settled.  you will come to SF, some time when we are not in AK, and we can play.  happy clown!!!  (you know, happy clown if you happen to come this way.  but i will survive if  you don’t, i suppose).   
    do you know our new contact info?  we have a real land line now, too — if you don’t have it, email me.  i can’t remember or find any of your emails (i *think* i remember what your alumni account would be, but i don’t want to guess wrong from my work account).
    happy day to you.  πŸ™‚

  11. wooo, camping at lake travis. you will have a rockin’ good time!!! eat at hula hut while you are in austin!!   [from a fellow austinite]

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