Ok, it seems people are
suspicious of my preference for not revealing too much on the
web.  Let’s just say that I know lots of people in other countries
who are extremely careful about what they reveal about themselves
online because they have to be cautious.  Is that so hard to

Now, one girl raised an interesting question.  She mentioned a
friend who lives his life like an open book.  Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy
has at least a few sentences buried somewhere in it that got me
thinking about people who are completely candid or straightforward or
transparent or clueless-about-ulterior-motives or never seem to even
think about being sarcastic (are you getting me?) and how I should
actually probably be striving for something more akin to that since
they could really have a much purer heart before God.  Sure, there
are nuances and exceptions to this (I’m not saying discernment keeps
you farther from God), but I used to make fun of people who didn’t “get
it” as much, and I really don’t know what I gain by having the
“ability” to hide things from people if I want to, or to play whatever
part I want them to see.  As far as I can tell, it’s just given me
a lot more stress, or at least helped me try to be deceptive. 

However, I can’t totally live my life like an open book.  Just
tell any girl I think looks good that she looks good?  That might
not always be such a good idea…


7 Responses to “”

  1. hey dude, you’re on xanga!!! anyway in reference to your post above…i think we need wisdom to know how much to say openly to others.

  2. steve-o!  what’s naija??

  3. yeah, you’re definitely mysterious…

  4. okay 007, i guess i tend to ere on the side of disclosing too much information about myself.  true, i have experienced the burn of that once or twice, but usually it has been a blessing to me.  i rarely feel like i am ‘putting on a facade’, but indeed have found that often (despite my attempts to conceal) what you see IS what you get.  a couple of weeks ago i had two very wonderful girls in my life compare me to a puppy dog.  of course on the other hand, i may be open emotionally to people, and still guard parts of my inner life, ie dreams, vision, intimate places.- you know, the deepest things that we hold like treasure in our hearts.  lalalalaaa, i’m talking a lot!  maybe i’ve said too much!  Hehehe 

  5. Jeanna, you are a puppy dog!  I love it!!

  6. Don’t know if anyone will peruse this comment again, but I guess I might prefer it that way.  The word “naija” is just some slang term that refers to Nigeria/Nigerian, as you can see from naija.com or naijanet.com or naijarules.com or naijacommunity.com.  I’ve been using it as an AIM screenname since the early days of college, and since I’m being encouraged to really bare all here, the truth is that I was trying to impress a girl (who knew what “naija” meant) and put together something that I hoped would catch her attention…make her think I was an edgy, cool cat.  Yeah.  That’s it. 

  7. Stephen!  You have a xanga!

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