I used to have a personal website with all sorts of pictures from Nigeria and whatnot on it in college, but I’ve debated in recent years about having any such digital trail of my life on the web since you could still dig up pieces of my old site for years after it was offline by perusing certain archival sites on the internet.  I’ve thought that I could end up regretting certain personal details being publicly available later on, depending on what I end up doing. 

In other words, I’ve resisted blogging since its infancy, and I don’t know that you’ll find much here in the future….but who knows? 


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  1. Welcome!!By the way, any ideas yet for my September travels?

  2. I see you are paranoid that someone else will internet stalk you like you do them!

  3. wow. what are you afraid that people will find out about?  i was talking with someone the other day who said he lived his life like an open book – with nothing hidden and no secrets.  i admire him immensely. if only we were all so brave and so pure of heart!

  4. well now you’ve got me really really curious… what on earth are you hiding?  what on earth are you planning to do in the future?  some top secret government job maybe?  a little 007 action, perhaps?  i’m waiting.  i’m reading.  you better spill all now, buddy!

  5. Ummm, yeah…. Marzooky is resting quietly now… please feel free to go about your blogging… paranoia appears to be contagious.

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