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For the record, I have suddenly become obsessed with this.  Good thing I’m heading towards Austin to go camping at Lake Travis.  Maybe my company should start blocking access to xanga like they do to all 3 of my personal email account websites. 


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Ok, it seems people are
suspicious of my preference for not revealing too much on the
web.  Let’s just say that I know lots of people in other countries
who are extremely careful about what they reveal about themselves
online because they have to be cautious.  Is that so hard to

Now, one girl raised an interesting question.  She mentioned a
friend who lives his life like an open book.  Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy
has at least a few sentences buried somewhere in it that got me
thinking about people who are completely candid or straightforward or
transparent or clueless-about-ulterior-motives or never seem to even
think about being sarcastic (are you getting me?) and how I should
actually probably be striving for something more akin to that since
they could really have a much purer heart before God.  Sure, there
are nuances and exceptions to this (I’m not saying discernment keeps
you farther from God), but I used to make fun of people who didn’t “get
it” as much, and I really don’t know what I gain by having the
“ability” to hide things from people if I want to, or to play whatever
part I want them to see.  As far as I can tell, it’s just given me
a lot more stress, or at least helped me try to be deceptive. 

However, I can’t totally live my life like an open book.  Just
tell any girl I think looks good that she looks good?  That might
not always be such a good idea…

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I used to have a personal website with all sorts of pictures from Nigeria and whatnot on it in college, but I’ve debated in recent years about having any such digital trail of my life on the web since you could still dig up pieces of my old site for years after it was offline by perusing certain archival sites on the internet.  I’ve thought that I could end up regretting certain personal details being publicly available later on, depending on what I end up doing. 

In other words, I’ve resisted blogging since its infancy, and I don’t know that you’ll find much here in the future….but who knows?